Jon & Lauren R.

San Jose, CA

RBuilder is a highly effective team of professionals that committed to our full house build due to a fire that destroyed our home, during COVID no less. In a highly stressful full house project that took just over a year they performed like the professionals they are. In dealing with insurance agents and all subcontractors from framing, asbestos removal, roofing, electrical, stone and tile, flooring, plumbing, painting and their own brand of finishing work that tops the market in jointing, mounting and finishing work like none I have seen. I will forever be in their debt for the excellent work and high quality of every element. Alex with her paper work and billing detail, notifications, spreadsheet and book with all my contracts, inspection reports, warranties in one binder and Ryan and his team in reviewing major decisions quickly and moving fast to jump on any detail that needed to meet highest quality. All during the highest time of cost changes due to supply chain issues and lumber costs. I can’t say enough and Jon and I walk through and around the property and just say how great it is to live in this forever home. Ask me to see what this couple did for us. I am available to show supporting this Los Gatos small business.