Stacy D.

Los Gatos, CA

RBuilder Construction was outstanding in all aspects of my shower and bathroom remodel, as well as, fixing a very complex situation I faced with my HVAC system.

Ryan went above and beyond in every detail of building out a gorgeous, modern shower along with taking extra steps to fix many structural issues that were uncovered when preparing for the shower and bathroom rebuild. He built a strong, secure foundation for my bathroom and had fantastic suggestions related to the design and layout including the latest technologies in floor heating, drainage systems, and toilet options. He really listened and totally understood the look and feel I wanted. He also picked up on my pickiness and attention to detail. Above all else, he seeks the utmost quality in his craft – construction, finishings, and customer satisfaction.

With this being my third house remodel, Ryan’s innate traits for an ultra high-quality outcome, his reliability and professionalism are all really hard characteristics to find in a contractor. Example of this included redoing (at his own cost) a modification that was not to his liking (I barely noticed.) Ryan also uncovered some work that had been done by a previous contractor in another area of my house that was not to code and could have gone very wrong (mold in my ceiling). He made sure that was fixed right

Related to my HVAC issue, I had called on three HVAC companies who didn’t follow-up or follow through on a situation I was having due to the complexity of the job – very cramped roofline and crawl spaces. I wasn’t getting heat or air in my master bedroom so the situation was dire. Ryan and his team faced some difficult days, but they got the situation fixed!  

Due to the ultra high-quality craftsmanship and the trusted A++ experience with RBuilder Construction, Ryan and his team will continue to be my contractor for life.